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Cisco Default Router Login and Password

Use Default Username & Password to Log In. Cisco routers use default login credentials to make it easy to access the setup pages. The most common combination is: Username: admin. Password: admin. If that doesn’t work, it might also be: Username: Cisco. Password: Cisco. The login credentials can also be found on the back of some routers.

What is the login and password default … – Cisco Community…

Aug 18, 2015 · A. Cisco IOS Software-based APs have a default configuration that includes a user name and password combination, both of which are Cisco (case sensitive). After you reset to factory defaults, be ready to give Cisco as both the username and password when either the GUI or the command-line interface (CLI) prompts you. 0 Helpful

Default User Name and Password for Cisco Transport ……/64687-defaultpass.html
  • This document provides the default user name and password that you can use to log into Cisco Transport Controller (CTC) during the initial setup on Cisco ONS 15454.

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  • Published: Aug 15, 2008
  • Cisco Access Point Default Password & Config Assistance

    The Cisco Access Point Default Password is – Cisco / Cisco You could probably have guessed that, but if you are configuring a cisco wireless access point out of the box for the first time you are going to want to know the default password and if you are reading this then you haven’t been able to guess it!

    Cisco RV042 Default Router Login and Password

    11 rows · Find the default login, username, password, and ip address for your Cisco RV042 router. …

    Solved: Aironet AP default password – Cisco Community…

    Mar 07, 2017 · I had converted an LWAPP to an autonomous AP. I was then able to telnet into the AP. I thought the username and password would stay the same, but it resets to the default. I was glad to come across this info. The telnet username and password was Cisco after the conversion. Thanks!

    Solved: Cisco Catalyst 9200L Default Login for Managing ……

    Oct 18, 2019 · Log on using the default username and password provided with the device. The default username is cisco ; the default password is the serial number of the switch chassis.

    Configure Password Settings on a Switch through … – Cisco…

    Apr 07, 2006 · The default username and password is cisco. If you have configured a new username or password, enter those credentials instead. Step 2. In the Privileged EXEC mode of the switch, enter the Global Configuration mode by entering the following: SG350X#configure terminal. Step 3. To specify the password aging setting on the switch, enter the following:

    Access the Web Configuration Utility on the SPA122Cisco…

    Feb 27, 2020 · The default password for the administrator is admin and for the user it is cisco. Note: If you forget the password, you can reset the phone adapter to factory defaults which in turn returns the device to the default login. Step 4. Click Login to enter the web configuration utility.

    Initial Switch Configuration [Cisco Nexus 5000 Series ……

    There is no default password so you must explicitly configure a strong password. If a password is trivial (short, easy-to-decipher), your password configuration is rejected. Be sure to configure a strong password. If you configure and subsequently forget this new password, you have the option to …

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